About Us

Paper Bird came about through friendship, collaboration, luck and happenstance. Before becoming a card publisher I worked for twenty years as a bookseller and card and stationery buyer with a special interest in children’s books. In 2011, with this experience to guide me, I began to develop ideas for Paper Bird with graphic designer, Emma. My own children’s book illustrations and sketches came out of a seldom-opened plan chest and formed two thirds of the first catalogue of one hundred designs. It was always my intention to make Paper Bird a gathering of artists, illustrators and printmakers offering images that collectively created the atmosphere of a welcoming little gallery tucked down a side street, a place full of warmth and fun and delight and now, in 2024, I think this is more than ever what we are.

At our first trade show in 2012 we were fortunate to find agents to represent us in London and within a couple of years we had ten agents covering most of the UK. It is because of them and their belief in us that we have thrived despite challenging times and been able to grow, inviting exciting new artists to work with us every year.

To honour the work of talented artists we work with a one-of-a-kind talented printer, The Imaging Centre. Their printing is impeccable and they also look after our concern to publish and produce without waste or plastic. All our cards are printed per shop order on sustainably produced board. We pack without cello bags using minimalist translucent paper bands.

We now have over one thousand images to choose from and publish the work of twenty-three artists. Joining us this year are Arthur Parkinson, Kate Boxer and Joanna Layla. We hope you love their work as much as we do.

Further details of our story and all the people who inspired us and helped us and continue to help us on our way can be found in Notebook at the foot of this website.

Una Joy 2024

If you are not a trade customer, you can find a collection of our cards for sale on Etsy by using the link below.