The Artists

Yellow Umber Red Distant Shore

Andrew Palmer MA (RCA)

A contemporary artist living and working in Cornwall, Andrew's dramatic, emotionally charged paintings skillfully capture the light and atmosphere of the wild Cornish coast.


Mark Jesset

An abstract artist based in Devon, Mark studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, and specialises in making works on paper. Exploring relationships between colour, texture, translucency and opacity, Mark creates paintings that are absorbing and uplifting.


Una Joy

After emerging from a childhood spent mostly on the floor doodling and writing stories and poems on scraps of office paper, Una Joy went on to study Fine Art in the 1970s at Colchester School of Art and Ravensbourne.

When she isn't following up ideas for her Paper Bird illustrations (Inkybeak, Fauna, Woody, Crumb, Cuckoo and Hoot) she sometimes finds time to delve back into painting and printmaking.

Journey (detail)

Brigid Calderhead

Exploring the natural landscape and interior life through abstract painting, Brigid uses mixed media, ink, oils, acrylic, ink and graphite on various grounds.

Spilled Sunlight

Cat Moore

A self-taught linocut printmaker, living and working in the hills of Northumberland, Cat is inspired by wild places and small everyday domestic moments. 'I am always learning, always surprising myself, and in love with the whole big adventure of it all.'


Helen Minns

Inspired by British wildlife and the natural world, Helen makes simple and beautiful illustrations. She is known for her reduced aesthetic and sensitive use of colour. Her illustrations can be found on textiles, fine bone china and fine art prints.

Sunset Parakeets

Ian Cunliffe

Having worked creating special effects at Shepperton Studios, Ian spent five years as a designer and illustrator at Penguin Books before becoming a full-time illustrator. He now works from home where he watches green parakeets (and the occasional dragon) fly past his studio window!

Allium Rising

Ky Lewis

Ky studied illustration and printmaking at Camberwell School of Art. Her practice centres on alternative photographic processes employing light to make her camera-less images. She loves slow photography using pinhole cameras to document landscape, capturing moments related to memory.


Linda Litchfield

Having studied fine art textiles at Goldsmiths, Linda works mainly within that medium. Hand-stich is her preferred method of mark-making and she often uses this in conjunction with found and/or plant-dyed fabrics.

The Good Life

Vanessa Cooper

A Dorset based artist, Vanessa studied at Portsmouth University and has been exhibiting since 1987. Her paintings are widely renowned and collected, loved for their joyous response to nature, their gentle, endearing humour and skillful and exuberant use of colour.

Sid and Nancy

Gaia Golden

Gaia makes her tiny, exquisite dogs using the technique of needle felting. They are often commissioned portraits but just as often come from her delight in capturing the essence and character of these beloved companions.


David Vallade

Described as an artist who wears a french hat, David studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts.
He loves drawing wherever he goes, capturing and celebrating the little things in life.


Sarah Metcalfe

Sarah Metcalfe studied for her degree in Printed Textiles at West Surrey College of Art and Design. She has continued to work in this area for thirty years and has created a wide-ranging portfolio of styles for fabrics and stationery. We publish a range of her playful collages which use typographical components and her own delicate floral and geometric patterns.


Janine Burrows

Young at heart, Janine is a diverse painter and illustrator with over 30 years experience in various creative roles. Originally from a surface pattern/printed textile background, painting is where Janine’s heart is. Inspired by coast and countryside, allotments and gardens, Janine’s distinctive style and palette seem to almost effortlessly capture the different qualities of these places.

Night Fishing

Tjitske Kamphuis

Born in the Netherlands and now living in Kent, Tjitske is an artist, illustrator and pattern maker who is inspired by the seasons, the weather and wildlife. Her work combines abstract patterns and figurative elements to create atmospheric images of nature and landscapes.